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The world's leading independent distributor of diversified electronic components

Heqingele Electronics is the world's leading independent distributor of diversified electronic components, committed to building a smart procurement platform, providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective electronic components products and high-quality comprehensive services. We have been deeply engaged in the industry for many years, through continuous innovation and optimization of upstream and downstream transaction services, obtained high-tech enterprise certificates and a number of international quality certification standards, and become a member industry association of many international organizations. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality procurement experience to help them achieve their business goals.


Respond quickly

We understand the importance of time, so we put quick response at the heart of our customer service. Our search experts will respond to your parts request within 3 hours to ensure that your procurement plan is not subject to any delays. Whether it is an urgent need or a regular inquiry, we will provide you with accurate information and solutions in the shortest possible time.


  • Quality assurance

    We know that counterfeit products have now become a problem that threatens our industry, so we have developed a high ...

  • Overstock solutions

    For electronics manufacturers, excess inventory can cause unnecessary costs and wasted resources, reducing ...

  • Certification qualifications

    ISO certification holders can gain greater credibility and market competitiveness, which is very important for the electronic ...

  • Recruit talents

    With the continuous expansion of market demand, we have ushered in new development opportunities. In order ...

  • Aerospace

    Improve the accuracy and reliability of the aircraft, thereby ensuring the safety of passengers and the normal operation of the aircraft

  • Medical

    Give traditional rigid medical devices a flexible and lightweight form, enabling them to carry out disease screening more accurately, conveniently and long-term

  • Car

    Improve the safety, comfort, economy and entertainment of your car

  • Energy

    Energy electronics is the material basis for the production, storage and utilization of new energy

  • Industry

    With the development of network technology, more and more industrial control system products are deeply integrated with informatization and industrialization

  • Household Appliance

    Household appliances are developing in the direction of intelligence, in which power electronics technology plays an increasingly important role