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KEYENCE JAPAN VHX-7000 4K Ultra-High Accuracy Microscope

Automatically output 3D test reportRing-shaped light and bottom lightDust cleanliness detectionMaximum area measurementCheck the pins for copper leakageCheck the surface for sanding marks

Automatic measurement of various areas: shell thickness angle. pin length and width, sphere diameter, etc.Rouohness detection (comoare the RA value on the surace of the shel to judoe the process consistency, compare the test consistency of the front and back oithe shell. compare the smoothness of the pins to iudae the degree of oxidation. etc.)3D automatic stitching, on the basis of 2D sttching, the depth of feld synthesis function is added to compare whether the process of the front and back of the chipis the same.


Check whether the interal frame of the chip conforms to the original data to prevent counterfeit productsCheck whether the inteal leads of the chip conform to the oriainal data to prevent short circuit of the chinCheck whether there are air bubbles inside the chip to prevent quality problems in the chip.

  • Quality is the only selling point

    We have developed a high standard of quality control processes to ensure that all products meet your desired level. We also set up our own laboratory and carefully test each product to ensure that they operate stably and are not susceptible to any external interference.

  • Document verification

  • Package inspection

  • 200x magnification inspection

  • 3D dimensional measurement

  • Acetone test

  • X-RAY test

  • Digital shooting

  • Repackage

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