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Daily Electronics Knowledge Lesson 43- Surge Suppression Ics

  Surge Suppression Ics is a surge suppressor, also known as a surge protector, is an electronic device that is mainly used to protect electrical equipment from damage caused by electrical surges. Surge suppressors are usually paired with equipment that needs to be protected against power surges such as power conversion equipment, communication equipment, computers, networking equipment, industrial control equipment, instrumentation, and so on. Its main principle is to use a Varistor to absorb electrical surges and convert them into harmless heat. When a surge occurs, the surge suppressor is able to respond quickly to control the voltage within the range that the equipment can withstand, preventing the equipment from being damaged by the surge.

Advantages of surge suppressors include: the ability to absorb large amounts of transient energy, protecting electronic equipment from damage by power surges; fast response time, which allows for quick absorption of power surges and reduces the likelihood of damage to equipment; and a relatively economical price.


However, the disadvantages of surge suppressors are: as they work by converting surges into heat to consume energy, they can generate a large amount of heat and require a good heat dissipation design; in addition, if a varistor fails, it can cause permanent electrical damage.


A common pairing of surge suppressors is with a lightning grounding strip. The surge suppressor (SPD) is connected between the enclosure of the power-using equipment and the ground strip, and an air switch is usually installed at the power line connection to protect the circuit. In the communications industry, surge suppressors are also often used in conjunction with twisted pair cables and SPDs.


Surge suppressor is usually used in electric power, communications, computers and other fields, used to protect a variety of electronic equipment from damage caused by power surges. Surge suppressors are also widely used in industrial control, intelligent buildings, transport facilities and other fields.